Why Digger Hire In Wellington Is Best For Your Excavation Project?

“A reliable local Wellington digger hire is an absolute must have tool for all contractors and building owners. They can handle all excavating work for roads, basements, sewers, dams, springs, embankments, slabs etc. The only thing you must do is give them a call.” – Richard Gaffey, Christchurch

“I have been using digger hire in Wellington since they were first introduced in 2021. They have been nothing but reliable and the prices are very reasonable. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is doing any sort of excavation work in Wellington, no matter what the project might be. From road works to sewer line repairs, they are able to do it all.” – Peter Coughlin, Urban Design, Christchurch

“I have always used digger hire in Wellington – good, reliable and reasonably priced. My regular excavators are reliable and cost effective, which is important when you are undertaking large projects like mine.” – Greg Barger, Waikato / Masterplan Ltd. “I have always found them to be a dependable company to work with. The excavator rental is the easiest way for me to manage the job from my home while my wife continues to look after the kids.” – Brian Sharp, Waikato / Masterplan Ltd.

“I have used digger hire in Wellington for many of my projects. The excavator rental is the easiest way for me to manage the job from my home while my wife continues to look after the kids. Digging for foundations and earthworks is one of the most important tasks that any excavation company needs to complete successfully and safely. It takes an experienced team to complete this safely and effectively.” – Warren Boothby, Construction Management Consultants. “We have been pleased with the work of all our diggers, both old and new, for many years and we will continue to use them.”

“When we were considering the excavator rental, the price was a bit much for us. However, when they arrived on site, they were just the right size for our project and the price was well worth the price. It was surprising how easy the job was and it did not take long to dig out most of the soil.” – Ron Joyce, Waikato / Masterplan Ltd. “We have used them many times and have always been happy with them. We always get the machines clean and have them serviced regularly so that there is no worry for the companies when they are on site.”

“Having the correct machine for the job is essential and the excavator in Wellington has proved itself over the years. They are versatile and a great help in any excavation job. The one we have hired for the quarry job was sent from Australia and looked after us thoroughly. It took us about two days to install it in the ground and then it was ready for use.” – Mike Johnson.

Before any digger hire in Wellington is made, it is necessary to check the International Facility Security Assessment Guidelines (IFASG). This is a set of guidelines developed by the World Health Organization that sets out the criteria used to evaluate security in digger and other construction equipment. You don’t want any machine or excavator hire in Wellington that uses or meets these guidelines so make sure what you are looking at is a professionally designed and built machine. Also, you will want to make sure that all relevant NZ government guidelines are met when using a professional ser. A good company will not only be able to meet these requirements but will also be certified by NZSIP, New Zealand Standard Infrastructure Organization. You will need Central Plumbing with experience handling excavation jobs to do the job correctly.